For Leaving Cert Students

The Leaving Cert - and the two year build-up to it - will be the most stressful time of your life to date. 

It is often said that the Leaving Cert isn't a test of what you know, it's just a test of how well you can remember. Well, I look at it from an even less academic angle than that...

As far as I'm concerned, the Leaving Cert is a test of two things: how well you can manage sustained pressure and perform under it, and how well you can deal with your results, however satisfying they may be.

I run a special program with Leaving Cert Students. Picture grinds, only the focus isn't on any individual subject. Instead, the focus is on the student. Their well being, their mental management, their habits and performance management, and of course, their career guidance needs.

As with all of my work in this area, I am providing the service that I wish I had been provided, and that students and parents alike have collectively asked for.

The program is broken into groups of 5. Each group mixes students from different schools so that they can exchange best practices. The group meets bi-monthly throughout their LC year, with each individual having 2 1:1 sessions with Mark in the meantime.

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